Terminal block BDS 50

Manufacturer Code: I277607
7,60 €without VAT9,19 €with VAT
Terminal block BDS 50
Rated cross-section (main line) [mm²](solid conductor / stranded) 50 / 35
Maximum current load [A](continuous line / branching) 150 / 150
Rated voltage Ui [V]1 000
Number of turning points / cross-section [mm²] *8 / 0,75 - 10
Screw (main line)M 14
Tightening torque [Nm] (main line)5
Screw (branching conductor)M 3,5
Tightening torque [Nm] (branching conductor)0,8
Assembly methodOn the plate / TH 35
Maximum operating temperature [°C]-30 - +110
Number of clamping points per bridge8
Number of levels1
End cover plate requiredNO
Weight [g]113
Packing [pcs]1
Note* For expanding the number of branching places, you can buy another bridge, mounting according to the picture.