Universal terminal blocks UTB

The application of UTB universal terminal blocks is very broad. For example, they are designed for applications in distributing equipment, or as testing terminals. They can also be used in the applications of industrial automation, as well as building installations. They are suitable for all types of aluminium and copper conductors, with a cross-section from 1,5 mm² to 150 mm². UTB conductor body is made of current conductive aluminium with galvanic coating that ensures the connection of an aluminium and copper conductor in a single terminal without conflict. For a safe connection of single-wire aluminium conductors, the clamp part for the conductor should be filled with special contact paste that prevent the layer oxidations, prevents electrolytic corrosion and provides long-term protection.

The main advantage of UTB terminals is the high variability of connectivity with branching options. The dimensions of the terminals are quite small because the connection sockets are placed one above the other, which increases the number of terminals in a row while preserving the same spacing of the terminal bus bar. The terminals can be clamped to the DIN rail TH 35. The operating temperature of the UTB terminals is from -25 ÷ +100°C. The casing is made of PA polyamide.