Fuse terminal blocks

Range RSP, RSP A 4
RSP and RSP 4 terminal blocks allows the insertion of a fuse element into the circuit – a tube protective fuse that is inserted into the housing between the conductive contacts. The range of possible connectible conductors is from 0,5 mm² to 6 mm². The fuse terminal blocks of all offered types can be classified into the circuits either with alternating, as well as direct voltage.

Range 1106-F
The 1106-F terminals are suitable for 5x20 mm tube current fuses and they are used for connecting electric circuits with copper conductors where it is not possible to apply the TH load-bearing bar and the RSP 4 terminal block (such as small installation boxes, lights etc.). Available polarity 1 to 5 poles. Each terminal is delivered with a separate fuse holder.