DIN Rails and accessories

The supporting DIN rails are standardised according to EN 60715. The rails are supplied with the Sendzimir or stainless finishing. Rail can be dimensioned according to your demands. The supporting rails in non-standard lengths with openings at the ends are delivered in packs of five.

The holders are used for attaching DIN rails of various versions. Using oblique holders (TS/30 oblique or TS/50 oblique) allows installing DIN rails at angle of 35°. Using flat holders (TS/20 fl at, TS/30 fl at or TS/50 fl at) allows installing the DIN rail horizontally to the holder. They are made of steel, with ZnCr finishing. All holders (except for TS/30 oblique) have an opening for attaching the DIN rail equipped with a metric thread with lead for easier assembly (screws for attachment are not provided).