Branching terminal blocks

The HVS main branch terminal block consists of a terminal that has a removable top part. The passing conductor can be inserted from the top without interruption after stripping. The HVS bridge is also attached from the top and if needed, one extra bridge can be inserted on the other side of the terminal.
The bridge is tightened in the terminal after the top part is closed and the screw is tightened using an hex key. Branching conductors are attached to the clamps in the bridge as needed. The clamps on the bridge are secured against falling out when loosened. White HVS terminal block cover is supplied as optional equipment.
The BDS main branch terminal block consists of a BD terminal and a branching bridge. When compared with HVS, their main advantage is the possibility of installation on a DIN rail. The passing conductor can also be inserted without interruption after it has been stripped. The branching bridge can be inserted above the passing conductor. Then, the set is tightened with an hex key and covered. The cover can be marked with coloured BDBS label.