Insulated terminals HPS, BD

HPS branching insulated terminals are designed for use in industrial and domestic applications for conductive coupling of one or more copper conductors with cross-section from 2,5 mm² to 150 mm². An important advantage of these terminals is the possibility to connect a through conductor without having to cut it off.
BD terminals enable connections of solid and stripped conductors with cross-section from 2,5 mm² to 120 mm² without having to cut off the main through conductor. They are particularly useful where a connection without the interruption of the through conduit is required, or where a reliable and, above all, safe installation is required. The insulation case is designed to provide the best protection against hazardous contact with live parts. Therefore, the fastening screw is protected with a cover that can be additionally identifi ed with a colour-coded BDBS label. The entering groove is not only used for precise lead-in of the conductor, but also for protection against hazardous contact.